Gro´s guesthouse at Airbnb

Are you looking for a place to stay. I have places where you can stay relaxed, either by the sea or in the mountain.

Take a look in the calendar and see when it is vacant in the mountain or by the sea. Beautiful sourroundings summer as winter.

(to see the cabins, follow the links above)

Location at Haukelifjell and Skjoldastraumen

You can go to Visit Haugesund Tysvær also on Facebook 

For the cabin in the mountain you can such out Visit Telemark Visit Haukelifjell Facebook 

Have a look below. Welcome to Gro´s guesthouse, cabins

Have a look what you can Explore when yo visit our cabins


You are welcome as guests at Gro´s guesthouse. To stay as a guest,  you have to first sign in as a user by airbnb.com